It's B-Day!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 1997 is Brian Simmons last day at ComputerLand so Brad and Eric wanted to create something for him as a going-away present.
This page is the result of their efforts...

First we have The Little Rascals:

Spanky Baby Brian

Brian and Alfalfa

Next is the Laurel and Hardy Pics:

A Booming Business...


If you know Brian, this one will speak for itself...

A couple of products Brian endorsed:

Two Scoops of Raisins!


Now for some other assorted pics:

The Three Stooges

?????...Ask Brian about this one.

Filling in for George

Weird Brian

Brian treating his last customer right!

The producers of this page wish to thank John Wilson for contributing his ideas.
And of course we wish Brian the best of luck in his new job!