Dance Party!

Employee Meeting Dance Party.
World of Garlando

Sort of a Garland Scrapbook?
Rappin' Lon

Speaks for itself...
ComputerLand Scrapbook

100 random pictures from the past several years at ComputerLand. (last updated on 11-6-97)
The Cland Scrooges

On Christmas Eve we just kind of passed the scrooge hat around and took pictures.
Picture from the Past?

Strange picture of Jim and Rhonda in '70s costumes.
Adventures thru

A brief look under Gary's workbench on a typical day.
Can you find all of the Garys?
Hayride Day

Hayride Friday at ComputerLand for Halloween.
Rhonda the Buffalo

Rhonda trying on her mascot costume.
The Professional

This one speaks for itself... (Sorry Rick, Gary made me do it!)
This lady nearly pops her eyes out!