Top 10 things overheard at the service dinner

10 Yeah, that Wendi sure does answer a mean phone.

9. Let me get this straight, add 16MB to Rhonda's machine, and install "the Clapper" on Jim's machine?

8. Sure Boss, I'd be more than happy to hand wax your car.

7. Quit crying Tony, you can have the umbrella from my drink. No there there.

6. OK, I've got one. These two salespeople walk into a bar..........

5. Very interesting Eric, I didn't know there was a worldwide conspiracy to overthrow Apple.

4. Hey boss, I was looking at the books. I figure we can cut out the sales department and expand ours.

3. Look, if Brad orders from the Kid's menu, I get 1/2 price!

2. Who is that idiot at work who keeps making those stupid lists?

1. No Tamela and Heather, your french fries are not back-ordered!