Top Ten Reasons Service Employees Are Leaving

10. There is a new AMWAY guy in town - Wow he is slick.
9. Constantly being bombarded with stupid top 10 lists at current job
8. Hard to compete with the instant respect those mall cops get
7. Heard from friend that PaPa John's lets employees eat leftover Pizza if no one picks order up after 2 days.
6. Get to make all kinds of friends at bowling alley
5. Saw on internet how you can make $5000/week stuffing envelopes
4. All mall employees get 10% off at food court!
3. After a couple of weeks you get to be a long timer and things just aren't the same.
2. Get to play all the games you want while cleaning up at Chuck-E-Cheese
1. Know a friend at McDonalds who can pull strings to get an interview.