During a second U.F.O. invasion, the aliens have again captured several CLand employees. This time all captives were returned seemingly unharmed, but after a count was taken of the returned abductees it was found that once again there were a few additional persons. Scientists have yet to discover the reason behind the extreme interest the aliens have had in this company's employees. Details will follow as they become available.

Below are preliminary photos of some of the additional persons that were returned.
Scientists are now speculating that the aliens have performed some sort of gene splicing experiments and produced clones based on the genes of two or more of the captives. Attempts have been made to match the cloned persons to the sources of their genes. Where these matches have been successful, photos of the gene sources are also shown.

Warning: the following images are very graphic and of a shocking nature. If you have a history of being easily disturbed or offended, please refrain from viewing...